The Gun That Fits Right In Your Hand


Although I love my knives, I still train and carry a gun. A lot has been written and spoken about this little pistol. The Baby Glock 26, 9mm, subcompact firearm is a great backup gun. Some use it as a primary carry or home defense gun, although I personally carry a bigger gun (SIG 226) when I am out and about.glock 26 gen 4

I enjoy the grip of a bigger weapon, but nothing about the G26 is faulty. For those with smaller hands, it can be a real friend when you need it.

The magazine capacity is also an advantage. It comes with a standard of 10-round mags, but it can also take other mags, such as a 15/17/33-round ones, which come with the G17 and G19 (the baby’s older brothers).

Glock released this “mini gun” in the middle of the 1990’s, and it was a hit. And why shouldn’t it be? Up until then, a lot of smaller calibers were used for subcompact guns. This changed all that, which is why it was such a great innovation. A 9mm subcompact is a great tool, and in the hands of the shooter (and with a proper holster), it is as good as any other handgun which you enjoy shooting.

If you are looking for a small gun with a kick, look into this one. The price of this gun is usually $500-$600. It has many different options when it comes to accessorizing, and thanks to the Glock’s popularity, aftermarket products are everywhere. You may want to stick with quality items, though. No sense in putting a cheap sight on a quality gun. The same goes for all the other accessories.

This gun has the potential to last a long time, and it is built for that purpose. Glock has great customer service, and a warranty which provides fixing/replacing is there are issues with materials and craftsmanship.

When Glock first came up with the idea of a Polymer-2 weapon, in the 80’s, a lot of people thought it to be a “toy gun”. There was also a lot of doubt as to whether this kind of weapon could hold up under abuse and punishment. The earlier Glock models put to rest any doubt anyone had about the excellence of this kind of gun, and the G26 is no exception.the baby

If you manage to get your hands on one, get some shooting done. I am sure you will agree with me, when I say that this “baby” is a sneaky one – accurate, precise, and lethal at short distances. Mid to long range are not this particular gun’s forte, but if you are looking for a backup or self-defense shooter, there is no going wrong with the Glock 26. I found great info on the Glock 26 “baby Glock” on a gun blog called so if you want to know more about this gun that would be a great place to start!



Knives Are A Tool First

Welcome to my blog! Hopefully, all of the heat which the NRA is getting won’t seep to the knife-carrying community. I support people’s right to bear arms, but I do believe that when it comes to firearms, there may be room for some measure of control.hunting knives

Knives are different. Until recently (historically speaking) knives were carried by anyone and everyone, and with good reason. A gun is meant to kill, plain and simple. A knife is meant to be a tool, and its weapon status is secondary. This is why I carry a knife, and not a firearm.

With a knife, you are working with your hands. I take out my KaBar USMC several times a day, for any odd job where a knife may be necessary. It wasn’t until I left it at home one day (went to a place where knives would not be admitted), that I realized just how much I use it, and how I have come to depend on it. Not in a bad way, mind you, but in a good way. Like I said, it is a tool. And I use it as one.

Love My KaBar

My KaBar 1250 USMC Short has been with me for a while. If I had more money to spend on knives, I would probably get the full sized serrated black KaBar. It has always grabbed my attention.

Knives are a lot more versatile than any firearm. They can accomplish a lot more, considering that they are not only a weapon. There are those who may scoff and say “yeah, you carry a knife, but when the chips are down, even you would much rather have a gun at your side.” I can’t say if that is true or not. I have never been in a life-threatening situation. I do know that I use my knife a whole lot more than I would a gun.knice

I have fired a gun several times. I just didn’t do it for me. Perhaps I should try it again sometimes. I have friends with assault rifles in their homes, and meanwhile I am (pardon my pun) sticking with knives. It just gives me a very different feeling. One which I feel more in tune with.