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market research 1 I entered into one of those survey thingy’s, like a market research online. They would send them
to me nearly every day into my inbox. I had gone to one market research in the center of
London, like once. They had asked me to fill out a form whereby I added my email address and
ever since that day – a near two years ago – they are still sending me emails.
So I decided to do one of them. I applied to do an online market research on health products.
Tea Tree oil Shampoo to be exact. They would send me a sample and I would use it for a week
and then I would talk about my experience. So I applied and they accepted. They sent me a
sample of their shampoo and I used it for a week as promised. I was only supposed to use this
shampoo and I could use any other conditioner that I liked. I was secretly hoping they would
send me a conditioner too – but they didn’t and who am I to be ungrateful and spoilt! It turns
out actually after I finished the sample for a week and shared my experience with them, as well
as being given a 50 GBP reward for doing so, they also sent me a small gift box with a few of
their goodies – so I got my wish after all!


I actually loved their Tea Tree oil Shampoo. It was just the right consistency and to be honest it’s
something I probably would have one day have picked up if I had seen it on the shelf, it actually
looked like a product I would gravitate towards. It smelt great, the packaging was kind of funky
and cool and well the shampoo itself just worked really well with and on my hair. It helped
revitalize and renew my hair and made it tingle! I especially loved that part! I started to use all
the other bits and pieces they sent me and really fell in love with this brand. I am now an avid
buyer of this brand so I guess they gained another customer which I am not sure was the initial
part of the market research although it couldn’t help right. I was supposed to share my
experiences in order to share that and hopefully inspire others in some small way (if I liked it of
course) and in return maybe they would gain more customers – well at least it worked on me
anyhow!… and I do hope words did help in some research 2


I now do regular market researches for them. Some of the products I have loved and some not
so much but it really has been an excellent thing to get involved with in my spare time. I have
reviewed everything and anything from Wonder-bras to becoming a mystery shopper and I even
got to review a restaurant once – free meal alert! That was a good one! The more I do the more
they send me and some are better than others, but it did all start with the Tea Tree oil Shampoo
that I now use pretty much every day. I am actually starting to think of how I can do this on a full
time basis. It's one of the best jobs I have ever had! Here's to market research! I am grateful for
the many opportunities I have had to review some pretty awesome things. I wonder what they
have in store for me next!

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