People Watching

Everytime that you sit on the bus or train you can’t help but people watch. It’s crazy how everyone has their own story that you don’t even know about. You can just make up whatever you want and pretend that it’s their equivalent to what their life is. You can make up whatever you want basicand say that’s who they are. It’s like the original stereotype. This is how you people watch. You see a girl holding a starbucks cup, wearing uggs and taking selfies on her phone and you know she fits into the classic ‘basic’ label. The best is when you see certain people and you can imagine everything from their house to what their children are like. Figuring out people’s personalities takes a little more work but it’s not undoable. I love sitting on the bus and watching people come on and off. Just thinking about where they’re going or where they’re coming from really makes you realize that other people have lives too. It helps you to come out of yourself for a bit and understand that other people have stuff going on that you don’t know about. You think that you exist in this bubble but you don’t. There are other people in the world who also have their own stuff, their own problems and are going somewhere. That’s the coolest part of people watching. Everyone that you’re watching is going somewhere.


One time I was in my shopping mall and I saw this couple having a fight, well really I heard them more than I saw them. It looked like he had just proposed and she was basically saying no. They had just boobreakupked a vacation away together so he was annoyed at her that she would say no because they’d already booked the tickets and they were non-refundable. She was obviously shocked that this was what he cared about after he had just asked her to marry him. The fact that he cared more about the money than their break up was shocking. Maybe he didn’t think that it would mean they broke up. In which case he was even stupider than he looked. This is a different kind of people watching though because you really know the whole situation. You don’t know the back story though so you can only take things at face value. You can see and hear what’s going on rather than filling blanks for yourself based on stereotypes. Stereotypes are the weirdest things because they help you to take precautions when necessary but generally speaking you should never judge a book by its cover. And that’s exactly what people watching is. It’s making judgements based on the cover of the person alone and nothing else. It’s pretty harmless though so I would still recommend it. Next time that you’re on a bus try it out for yourself, no previous experience required.


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