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A lot of people write for a living, I myself should know, as I myself do in fact write in order to earn my bread. But when you write for profit, you run into problems that to most normal people (normal as in they don’t write for a living, I guess that might have been a poor choice of words) would be a minor annoyance. I am of course referencing grammar and spelling errors, and also the oft misunderstood styling error. While it is hardly a bother for regular people, seeing as edu-grammarlythey only need to get their point across, and not get their point across while showing a higher standard of language. When you’re a professional writer (note: you don’t need to be good to be a professional, professional just means that it is your job, literally your profession) you kind of need to hold yourself to a higher standard than you would if you were writing a letter to a friend, or sending a text. (don’t get me started on sending texts, just thinking about thinking about it is giving me PTSD.)

So with my job riding on my continued excellence in my mastery of the English language, how do I make sure that I don’t fall flat on my face while writing? Well, there’s plenty of wayuse-grammarly s actually, keeping a close watch on what I type is one, but it is hardly the best. If I miss something while writing it, I’m unlikely to catch it while doing my routine reread. Even with how much I catch, there’s always that little bit that slips past my radar. So this brings me to my next way I keep on the up and up, spell checkers.

Although it would be more correct to call things like Grammarly and Whitesmoke writing checkers, seeing as they check much more than just spelling. Grammarly (Edumuch Review on Grammarly)  even checks for plagiarism, which is another invaluable resource for a writer like me, not that I would ever plagiarize in my life. It’s just a good thing to have, so you don’t accidentally do it. And trust me on that, it can and does happen. I’ve used quite a lot of checkers in my life to be perfectly honest, and I have always been partial to Grammarly. Grammarly is my favorite because of how user friendly it is, having a very clean and nice user interface, which it easier for me to use. Grammarly not only is user friendly, but it is writer friendly as well. Grammarly not only checks what you’ve written, but instead of just correcting the mistakes, it suggests to you the corrections, and explains why it is suggesting the corrections to you. This really puts Grammarly a cut above the rest, even within other checkers which also explain their corrections, it shines much more than the rest. If there is one thing I have a problem with when using Grammarly, it’s how good it is. Sometimes I rely too much on it, and that might lead to me missing some mistakes that Grammarly missed.

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